Slugbug – 0xBAADF00D (LP)


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317 Vinyles noirs
109 Vinyles transparents
110 Vinyles vert hasardeux

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Sequelae of 2013’s « Truck Month » and 2016’s « Stupid Rock EP » examining the present macrocosm of contaminated/modified foods, dubious online transactions, and the sundry failure modes of meat-based hardware.
0xBAADF00D acknowledges the problem and offers no solution.

Written, performed, produced and engineered by Paul D. Millar at BUG SOUND, Austin, TX / BUG SOUND EAST, NYC Mar 2014 – Aug 2020

additional musicians

 Jake Tobin: alto bathroom sax on 2, 12
 Ariel Rosenberg: pink drums, polymoog organ on 4
 Jared Yee: tenor saxes on 6
 Curtis Godino: tambourine on 8

Mostly analog recording / Tascam MS-16, 488, REAPER/macos
Mixed down manually 1/4″ 15IPS

To be played at maximum volume